Mapping the Definitions and Complexities of Violence. September 2019; DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-18605-0_2. In book: Policing Schools: School Violence and the Juridification of Youth (pp.17-31) Authors:


"Gordon Silverstein, a political scientist at Berkeley, has written a fine book about the juridification of American politics the resort to Courts to settle issues that the 

Across the world, indigenous peoples enjoy unprecedented access to international, regional, and domestic legal remedies to gain protections for their religious, spiritual, and customary identities, beliefs, and practices through a wide spectrum of judicial platforms. “The juridification of social demands and the application of statutes: An analysis of the legal treatment of antiracism social demands in Brazil”. Fordham Law Review , 77 (4), pp. 1535-1558. Engelmann, F. (2002). BibliographyAbass, Ademola.

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36-54, January 2008. 19 Pages Posted: 21 Dec 2007. See all articles by Lars Chr. Blichner Información del artículo Mapping Juridification ‘Juridification’ is an ambiguous term, both descriptively and normatively. In this article we distinguish between five dimensions of ‘juridification’: constitutive juridification, juridification as law's expansion and differentiation, as increased conflict solving with reference to law, as increased judicial power and as legal framing. 11 Lars Blichner and Anders Molander, ‘Mapping juridification’, European Law Journal 14 (1) (2008): 36.

4 For an introduction tothe juridification literature, including its application legal reforms in Great Britain and elsewhere, see Lars Blichner and Anders Molander, ‘Mapping Juridification’ (2008) 14(1) European Law Journal 36; Mark Bevir, ‘The Westminster Model, Blichner, L. Chr. og Molander, A.(2008) «Mapping Juridification» i European Law Journal, Vol. 14, Issue 1(s.

av C AL · Citerat av 11 — to Nina Iglesias Söderström who made the maps and graphics found in referred to as the 'juridification of politics' (see discussion in 

30 For instance, the doctrine of implied powers, the principle   The Juridification of Resource Conflicts. Legal Cultures, Moralities and Environmental Politics in Central America. This British Academy-funded project will  Dec 19, 2007 Abstract: 'Juridification' is an ambiguous term, both descriptively and normatively.

Mapping juridification

Abstract. This article responds to a number of points made by Mark Bevir in his article ‘The Westminster Model, Governance and Judicial Reform’ [Parliamentary Affairs 61 (2008), 559–77], in which Bevir highlights the ‘increasing role of the courts in the processes of collective decision-making’ which has been the result of, inter alia (but of particular importance to Bevir's argument

Mapping Juridification. European Law Journal.36-54. Blichner, Lars Chr.2008. Fem mulige grunner til å akseptere EØS-avtalen.

Mapping juridification

Our understanding of the concept “juridification” thus also comprises processes of “judicialis ation” meaning a shift in authorities to judicial bodies. First, I show why juridification is a political more than a legal process. Second, I illustrate recent critiques of the dangers inherent in the particular type of juridification that involves the growing use of rights.
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Mapping juridification

His research interest is within the fields of youth studies, gender studies and international migration and ethnic relations (IMER). suspension of law.6 Temporary de-juridification in the context of emergencies See Lars Chr. Blichner & Anders Molander, Mapping Juridification, 14. EUR. 392-3; Lars Christian Blichner and Anders Molander, "Mapping Juridification," European Law Journal,.

Mutual Recognition as a New Mode of Governance‘, 20 Juridification has also been used as one of the key ingredients to describe the autopoietic character of legal reasoning and thereby contributed to understanding of legal discourse (Teubner 1993).
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Map: The Pilgrimage of Grace, 1536. II. The Failure of Juridification Map: Huguenot Strongholds (Places de Sûreté) under the Edict of Nantes (1598). III.

11 Lars Blichner and Anders Molander, ‘Mapping juridification’, European Law Journal 14 (1) (2008): 36. 12 See Lars Chr. Blichner and Anders Molander, ‘What is juridification?’ (Hungary: Centre for European Studies, University of Oslo, Working Paper no.

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Mapping juridification. European Law Journal 13 (1), 36–54. Colnerud, G. (2014). Skolans juridifiering – om styrning av lärarprofessionen.

Johan Lindholm: Bleicher, Lars Chr. och Anders Molander: ”Mapping Juridification”, i European.