Hertel exophthalmometer, lightweight, used for precise exophthalmos measurements, orbital wall scale from 75mm - 121mm, measures the proptosis ranges 


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Any eye protrusion of more than 17.8 mm for Iranian children, 19 mm for Iranian teenagers, and 19.3 mm for Iranian adults and relative eye protrusion of more than 2 mm warrants further clinical examination. Age and base value had a significant impact on normal eye protrusion values. Como medir el grado de hundimiento o salida del globo ocular utilizando un Exoftalmometro de Hertel A Hertel exophthalmometer measures the amount of anterior protrusion of the globes (Fig. 1-20). The examiner faces the patient, palpates the patient's lateral orbital rims, places the concave sites on the side of the Hertel instrument over each rim, and records the base (or distance between these two points) from the instrument.

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Both use reflection mirrors to measure the position of the globe accurately, even after tumor removal or thyroid decompression. Both deliver fast, reproducible results. The primary difference lies in the way each design is positioned and supported. With the Hertel, the unit is held in both hands and held firmly against the left-hand orbital rim in line with the center of the cornea. Hertel exophthalmometer is used for precise exophthalmos measurements (e.g. exophthalmic goiter).Sturdy construction for many years of use. Overall dimensions are 25 x 7 x 2 cm.

Heavy-Duty Hertel Exophthalmometer by Richmond Products. Manufacturer: RICHMOND PRODUCTS, INC. 1 of 1.

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DIMENSION :245 (W)X 85 (D) X 20 (H)mm. NET WEIGHT :80g.

Exophthalmometer hertel

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The instrument is placed on the lateral orbital rim of each side, using as small of a base as possible. Depending on the device, lines on the prism are placed into position by moving the examiners view point to determine the measurement.

Exophthalmometer hertel

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Exophthalmometer hertel

The exophthalmometer is used for measuring and quantifying eyeball protrusion (exophthalmus) in mm.

The instrument is placed on the lateral orbital rim of each side, using as small of a base as possible.
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In exophthalmia, the Hertel Exophthalmometer instrument measures the degree of eyeball protrusion through the use of prisms mounted on carriers. These prisms reflect the corneal profile and superimpose a scale for direct reading and exact measurements of exophthalmos. The Hertel Prism Exophthalmometer comes in fitted, vinyl hard case.

Informed consent was obtained from patients; measurement in 100 volunteers was made with Hertel and modified Hertel exophthalmometer by a single observer, Exophthalmometry using an Hertel exophthalmometer appeared reliable (Pearson correlation coefficient for interobserver variation 0.89; 96% of the Hertel values measured by two observers were The Hertel exophthalmometer is used to determine the axial position of the eyes. The instrument is placed on the lateral orbital rim of each side, using as small of a base as possible.

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Exophthalmometer The S4OPTIK Hertel-type Exophthalmometer is used for precise exophthalmos measurements (e.g. exophthalmic goiter) by using the outer orbital rim (orbital wall) and the apex of the cornea.

For the Hertel exophthalmometer, concordance was moderate for O1 in the 2 eyes and moderate in RE but good in LE for O2. For the Mourits exophthalmometer, this concordance was very good in RE and good in LE for O1, and good whatever the eye for O2. The exophthalmometer is an instrument designed to measure the forward protrusion of the eye. This instrument provides a method of evaluating the recording the progression and regression of the prominence of an eye caused by disorders such as thyroid disease and tumors of the orbit.This instrument consists of a horizontal calibrated bar with movable carriers at each side. The basis of the measurement for exophthalmos determination using the Hertel version is the outer orbital rim (orbital wall) and the apex of the cornea. The integral refraction mirrors with millimeter scales for the left-hand and right-hand measuring halves of the exophthalmometer are calibrated so that the zero mark on the scale will be located in the plane of the resting points of the supports. In 1905, Hertel introduced the Hertel-exophthalmometer, 3 an instrument that is still is very popular nowadays. Many others have tried to make alternatives or improvements based on Hertel's design When both eyes were measured simultaneously with the Hertel exophthalmometer, examiners were inclined to obtain similar readings in both eyes of patients with symmetrical-appearing eyes. The possible bias arising this way may reduce the reliability of Hertel exophthalmometer in relative exophthalmom … Interobserver agreement was analyzed for Hertel exophthalmometer and CT parameters.