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Additional applications will need to be submitted: The Migration Agency only grants work permit in Sweden for a period of up to 2 years at a time, and a maximum combined period of 4 years. The reason for this is that permanent residence in Sweden can only be granted once someone has held a work and residence permit for 4 years.

Apply before your current permit expires. In most cases, you must pay a fee. Application fees for residence permits for researchers Waiting times for a Swedish autho­rity abroad (embassy, consu­late or equi­va­lent) The waiting time for conducting an investigation at an embassy or consulate-general is a part of the total waiting time. Therefore, if you are going to visit a Swedish authority abroad that has a long waiting time, it may take longer until you get your decision. If you are applying to renew your work permit with your employer, you may now have to pay twice as much as last year.

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I moved here 2018 on a work permit from a non-EU country, to work as a software engineer, I had been working with a consultancy firm as a consultant for two years before changing companies. Apparently my extension was rejected because my former employer had been paying less than they should have and not according to what a software engineer should make. In 2014, I applied for a work permit (from outside Sweden) for my current job with a Swedish employer. I got the work permit and then moved to Sweden and started working with the employer. This year, I have applied for extension of my work permit. Swedish Work Permit expiring Extension filed: Joined: 14.May.2011: Hi, I have work permit of Sweden till 1st June 2011, i have already filed for its extension.

There are several steps necessary in order to legally live and work in America.

av A Ahlén · 2020 — While the Swedish welfare state has undergone an intensified market Hence, EU and non-EU foreigners holding a valid residence permit have in order to obtain a permanent residence permit, not for the extension of a 

Pay and submit your appli­ca­tion. The Migra­tion Agency processes the appli­ca­tion. Infor­ma­tion needed The Swedish Migration Agency sometimes requires proof of this.

Swedish work permit extension

To qualify for permanent residence in Sweden, an individual must have held four This discretionary extension can be granted for an additional years of a work permit in Sweden but only been in Sweden for three years 

Your employer in Sweden initiates the work permit application by completing an You receive an email. Enclose docu­ments. Pay and submit your appli­ca­tion. The Migra­tion Agency processes the appli­ca­tion.

Swedish work permit extension

You can be granted an extension to your residence permit if you are still in need of protection.
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Swedish work permit extension

If you want to keep working after your current permit has expired, you need to apply for an extension. If you apply before your current permit expires, you are entitled to keep working while waiting for a decision. Citizens of Nordic countries Renewing a work permit in Sweden is required under the following circumstances: Your permit is expiring You have held a work permit in Sweden for less than 2 years and you are changing employer or occupation/role You have held a work permit in Sweden for more than 2 years and you are changing occupation/role If you have family who live with you in Sweden, who also need to extend their permits, you apply for them in the same online application.

Leaving Sweden for more than 4 months during the 4 year work permit period In order for a person to be granted permanent residence the must have created a strong connection with … The Swedish Migration Agency has recently informed us that the handling times for work permit extensions has been prolonged and it might still increase considerably. Work permit - required documents.
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Overall information for those planning to perform a contract in Sweden. Find building projects · Construction and housing market. Foto: Kristofer Samuelsson / 

Last updated: 24 3 2020 When your temporary residence permit expires you have the option of applying for an extension. You can be granted an extension to your residence permit if you are still in need of protection. Work permits must be secured for employees, and sponsored by a locally licensed and incorporated entity, which can be a problem for companies just entering the Swedish market.

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According to Swedish immigration legislation, an individual who intends to work in Sweden and who is not an EU or EEA citizen, needs a Swedish work permit in place before he or she can start working in Sweden.