Net asset value per share (NAVPS) is an expression for net asset value that represents the value per share of a mutual fund, an exchange-traded fund (ETF), or a closed-end fund. It is calculated by


Sep 30, 2020 105.34p. IFRS NAV per Share. (31 December 2019: 105.37p). The EPRA Net Tangible Asset (NTA) is. 105.34p. 2.59p. Dividend per Share.

För definitioner Vår genomsnittränta per 31 mars var 1,3 procent och EPRA NAV (långsiktigt substansvärde) per aktie. 75,1. 69,5. 73,4 EPRA NRV/NET REINSTATEMENT VALUE PER SHARE. Equity per share. 68,8 kr. EPRA NAV per share.

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Total equity, 393,318, 403,033, 389,023. NAV per share, 270.4p, 275.3p, 268.3p. EPRA NAV per share, 343.2p, 360.3p, 331.8p. EPRA NNNAV per share, 324.3  Superior annualised EPS yield on NAV vs UK REIT average of c.4.0% Medium term growth target for underlying earnings per share (2) The EPRA cost ratio at 31 August 2020 excludes the provision against tenant lease incentives of £1.4 Discount to NAV – is it just bad luck?


Net asset value (NAV) calculated according to EPRA standards remains unchanged at EUR 7.64 per share at 30 June 2010. Der nac h EPRA V orgaben berechnete Net Asset Value (NAV) beträgt zum 30.

Net asset value (NAV) calculated according to EPRA standards remains unchanged at EUR 7.64 per share at 30 June 2010. Der nac h EPRA V orgaben berechnete Net Asset Value (NAV) beträgt zum 30.

Epra nav per share

2 hours ago Continued NAV progression and balance sheet strength. · EPRA NAV per share increased by 0.8% to 109.1 pence (31 December 2020: 108.2 

Define EPRA NAV Per Share. means, as of any time, the EPRA NAV, less the liquidation preference of preferred securities outstanding and excluding the Incentive fee for the applicable year, as reported by NRE in its most recently filed annual or quarterly report filed with the SEC divided by the number of Weighted Average Shares as of the end of the period with respect to which such report was => NAV per share (EPRA NTA) at CHF 57.29 as of December 31, 2020 => Vacancy rate reduced by approx. 25 percent to 7.0 like-for-like despite COVID-19 (previous year 9.3 percent); taking into account new acquisitions, vacancy rate is 7.9 percent => Sustainability indicators published for the first time in accordance with EPRA sBPR The new set of NAV metrics will also come into full effect for accounting periods starting on January 1st, 2020. Upon adoption, and to assist the users of their financial statements, companies should additionally provide a bridge between the previous EPRA NAV metrics, as calculated in line The original EPRA NAV metric was created to measure the fair value of net assets in a normal investment property company business model over the long term. Through EPRA’s mission to promote, develop and represent the European public real estate sector, there are now 14 REIT regimes in Europe. effect, what is left as EPRA Earnings is the income return generated by the investment, rather than the change in value or capital return on investments. EPRA Earnings Per Share (EPRA EPS) should be calculated on the basis of the basic number of shares (in line with IFRS earnings).

Epra nav per share

73,4 EPRA NAV (långsiktigt substansvärde) per aktie.
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Epra nav per share

FUND: AMUNDI ETF FTSE EPRA EUROPE REAL ESTATE UCITS ETF. DEALING DATE: 07/04/2021. NAV PER SHARE:  Project developments led to higher asset value gains than we expected, at SEK31m, or +1.1% QOQ, while EPRA NAV (NRV) per share grew by  Stendörren - Bid implies 12% discount to '18e EPRA NAV. 27 november 2018.

Bid from EQT at SEK 100.25 per share
~50% of total votes have  CEPS and EPRA NAV CAGR of 37% and 17% '19-22e potential total development profit per share of SEK 0.8, or 12% of 2019 EPRA NAV. Entra's total dividend for 2020 will then be NOK 4.90 per share compared to NOK 4.70 per share for 2019. EPRA NAV per share. 186.

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Feb 4, 2021 This includes condominium sales at a premium to book value, share buybacks at a discount to EPRA net asset value, careful monitoring of capital 

This represents an increase of 15.7% in the Adjusted NAV per share from € 44.90 at the end of 2018 to € 51.93 at The Group's EPRA NAV amounted to EUR 32.69 per share as of 31 December 2019 (31/12/2018: EUR 26.27). This represents a total shareholder return of 27.9% from dividends and NAV growth per share. Like-for-like, annual net rental income in the strategic portfolio rose by 3.6% in 2019. Workspace NAV barely moves but interim dividend up 40%.

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EPRA Performance measures: EPRA NNNAV. Definition: EPRA NAV adjusted to include the fair value of (i) financial instruments, (ii) debt and (iii) deferred taxes. Purpose: Makes adjustments to EPRA NAV to provide stakeholders with the most relevant information on the current fair value of all the assets and liabilities within a real estate company.

2016: 460.5 pence) and NAV per share up 2.0 pct to 439.6 pence from 431.0 pence * Total accounting return for six months of 2.6 pct EPRA Earnings per share or EPRA EPS – EPRA Earnings is a measure of the underlying operating performance of an investment property company excluding fair value gains, investment property disposals and limited other items that are not considered to be part of the core activity of an investment property company.