This is a rushed setup i use on the Octatrack MK2. Had a last minute show in a few days, and this combination of gear allows me to easily perform dawless and


Live Looping using Octatrack Pickup Machines. Improvising and live looping is very rewarding. Even more so if you’ll set up some frames and boundaries.

Live vs Octatrack vs Rytm. 2018-08-09 As such, we chose to study a context in which improvisation is common, highly observable, and fairly analogous to the workplace: Live Action Role-Playing (LARP) games. Listen to Live Improvisation 1 on Spotify. Joshua Seurkamp · Song · 2001.

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improvisation live music programming: Summary: A point of departure in this project is to investigate man – machine interactions, with the improvisation group Natural Artefacts that features a mix of acoustic and electronic musical instruments. The crossfader in conjunction with the Scene functionality makes live improvisation with the Octatrack easy and rewarding. Add sudden bursts of effects to a sound, make smooth transitions between tracks, pitch one loop up while another loop is being pitched down or completely and utterly change the sound of a whole pattern. The choice is yours. The crossfader in conjunction with the Scene functionality makes live improvisation with the Octatrack easy and rewarding.

I’m basically trying to reconstitute my Ableton Live set on the OT. I have 17 songs of various tempos. Each song has 2-4 LiveWired Improvisation, London, United Kingdom. 217 likes.

Today I will show you my live improvisation techniques. My goal is to start with a blank canvas and build a track following my mood and instinct.Enjoy!00:00

Page 98: Octatrack Mkii Processing Live Instruments 16.3 OCTATRACK MKII PROCESSING LIVE INSTRUMENTS Four mixer aux sends are connected to the inputs of the Octatrack MKII. Each aux send sends a different signal. The Octatrack MKII applies effects, reconstructs the incoming audio and sends back the real-time Got it!

Octatrack live improvisation

Recorded this viola+Octatrack improvisation last night. The Octatrack is a sampler/effects processor with a sequencer. It has 8 audio tracks and 8 MIDI tracks. Each track can have one "machine" assigned.

For now I can think of recording my synth/modular and automate some parameters in the recording and fade back to the live input and so on…But I think there is more magic possible which I´m actually not aware about. How do you guys use live sampling with pickup/ flex So I’m working on a live set with octarack controlling rytm. I use one bank = one song, and when I change bank on the octatrack it automaticly changes to a new bank on the Rytm. The thing is, then I can only have 8 banks on the Rytm so only total 8 songs.

Octatrack live improvisation

In this video, you'll get a demonstration of live looping by taking an input from an external synth into a Pickup Machine. Live electronic music (also known as live electronics) is a form of music that can include traditional electronic sound-generating devices, modified electric musical instruments, hacked sound generating technologies, and computers.Initially the practice developed in reaction to sound-based composition for fixed media such as musique concrète, electronic music and early computer music. Listen to Live Improvisation at RYMD konthall on Spotify. Kroll Splint · Single · 2016 · 1 songs.
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Octatrack live improvisation

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Deluge, OP-1/Z, Digitakt, MPC1000/Live are frequently thrown around as alternatives in the hardware world. 2019-11-21 2012-06-04 Sound Packs. Boost your machine with custom-made Sound Packs.
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The original Octatrack quickly became an industry standard for sampling and sequencing, both live and in the studio. Now, the new enhanced MK2 version takes the art of sampling one step further! In this course, producer and trainer Thavius Beck takes a deep look at the Octatrack MK2 and explains how to best use this marvelous piece of music technology.

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A – Live blir det mestadels modular synth baserat på en hel del improvisation, då jag även provkör en Elektron Octatrack för förstagången.

Control your  4 Jun 2013 The setup is pretty simple: just a 909 and an Octatrack, right? with the sampler so I'm essentially building tracks live in front of you. I'm more into improvisation where it can and does go off on tangents Surgeon zb nutzt einen Octatrack und ein Modularsystem. Ich mach bei mir live alles per Improvisation, verwende auch keine Presets  Anybody make a steady flow of hip hop on the Octatrack yet? Even with an MPC in tandem? Oct is great for live improv, I love it.