Nok culture, ancient Iron Age culture that existed on the Benue Plateau of Nigeria between about 500 bce and 200 ce. First discovered in 1928 in the small tin-mining village of Nok, artifacts of similar features were found over an area that stretched about 300 miles (480 km) east to west and 200


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It has been suggested that the Nok culture eventually evolved into the Yoruba . [1] [2] The use of iron , in smelting and forging tools, appears in the Nok culture at least by 550 BC and possibly earlier. The substantial number of iron hoe blades found together outside the Great Enclosure confirms that locally forged tools enabled agriculture on a scale to feed many thousands. These blade forms were probably also used as currencies. Because no large slag mounds have been found at or near the site, iron production likely occurred throughout the area.

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2020-01-25 · Nok art refers to huge human, animal, and other figures made out of terracotta pottery, made by the Nok culture and found throughout Nigeria. The terracottas represent the earliest sculptural art in West Africa and were made between 900 B.C.E. and 0 C.E., concurrent with the earliest evidence of iron smelting in Africa south of the Sahara desert.

Christopher Ehret has suggested that iron  can art consider the so-called Nok Culture of central. Nigeria for its Another surprise was the discovery of iron- smelting terracotta figurines and sparse evidence of iron met- allurgy. totally new tools, as well as triggerin 25 Aug 2020 A drawing of old iron tools.

Nok iron tools

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332 - The Greeks led by Alexander the Great conquer Egypt. 264 - Carthage fights the First Punic War against Rome. 146 - Carthage is defeated& Nok Civilization is one of the great African civilizations that existed from 1500 BC to 200 AD. the Lourve, in Europe, museums in the United States, and museums in other global cities) and iron smelting technologies (iron tools and fu 19 Sep 2014 The only complete, high quality video of iron smelting in Africa. Making charcoal, digging ore and flux, building the kiln, firing the kiln, sacrifices, smelting the iron, forging the iron into tools. With Chinese subtitle 08818: External trade in goods, by commodity group (three digit SITC) (NOK 1 000) 1988M01 - 2021M02.

Nok iron tools

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Nok iron tools

Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for Tools & Supplies. Det er nok at presse netop så meget at borestøvet Til boring i træ eller metal bruges borepatronen og Never use power tools and charger near flam-. Map of Karmsundet, with Salhusstraumen and Iron Age monuments. Illustration: I. T. in general came into use only when metal tools became available (McGrail 2001). Fig. Heide, Eldar 2016: Noregr tyder nok vegen mot nord, likevel.

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Iron use, in smelting and forging for tools, appears in Nok culture in Africa at least by 550 BC and possibly earlier. Christopher Ehret has suggested that iron smelting was independently discovered in the region prior to 1000 BC

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Historians and archaeologists refer to this culture as the Nok culture because artifacts were first discovered near the modern Nigerian town of Nok. I don't see what Afrocentrism even has to do with this.