The principle of legal certainty is of fundamental importance for law and society: it has been vital in stabilising normative expectations and in providing a framework  


Adjunct Professor of Criminal Law, University of Karlstad, Sweden, 2015- Fairness and Legal Certainty", European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law and ”Teaching Legal Theory in Universities of Helsinki and Warwick.

PESA Agora is owned by PESA which is incorporated & registered as a charity, not-for-profit in Australia (ABN 57432755082). Legal Information. We use cookies  av J Söderlund · 2016 — Key words: Inclusive-fitness theory, Parental investment, Kinship certainty. Date: 12.08.2016 Altruistic investment is also seen in socio-legal relationships. based on learning outcome achievement and guaranteeing legal certainty. The presentations must include practice as well as theory.

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Information on Legal Precedent as an Instrument to Ensure Legal Certainty for conflict of jurisdiction based on the theory of legal precedents; article 979, §3,  Over time, however, the theory of precedent and concern for legal certainty produced a fairly stable, predictable, and known set of crimes, much in line with the  9 Apr 2018 Legal certainty is a fundamental principle of EU law,3 and elemental in any 22WPJ Wils, 'Optimal Antitrust Fines: Theory and Practice' (2006)  13 Jan 2017 Scholarly writings on theoretical issues facing legal certainty.

The Economy of Certainty further illustrates that these jurists were able to construct a profound jurisprudential and metaphysical system. For students of Jewish history, The Economy of Certainty describes a legal theory that medieval Jews in the Islamic world used to reflect on their own law.

rather than a new theoretical perspective.11. The principle of legal certainty is a different affair.

Legal certainty theory

Beställ boken Legal Certainty in Multilingual EU Law av Elina Paunio (ISBN situated within the field of EU law, the book also employs theories developed in 

To answer this, we propose a novel theory. rather than a new theoretical perspective.11. The principle of legal certainty is a different affair. People value legal certainty. The predictability of law protects  The Economy of Certainty: An Introduction to the Typology of Islamic Legal Theory (Resources in Arabic and Islamic Studies) [Aron Zysow] on

Legal certainty theory

To answer this, we propose a novel theory. rather than a new theoretical perspective.11. The principle of legal certainty is a different affair.
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Legal certainty theory

It tries to clarify both what is at stake in the choice between rules and standards, or  Against the backdrop of an ever-increasing interest in 'legal certainty' in policy- making and academia, friends and colleagues of Jan Michiel Otto engage with  This article analyses the current position of legal certainty (Rechtssicherheit)1 within see Posner, An Economic Theory of Criminal Law, in Columbia L. Rev. 1 May 2015 In this essay I critically address and compare two alternative theories of legal certainty.

Feminist legal theory is a set of ideas, an activity engaged in by thinkers in and outside academia, and an intellectual and political movement. Developments in feminist legal theory emerged through engagement with problems rooted in inequalities, experienced by individuals and communities, at the hands of people, corporations, or the state. Jeremy frank – In his book of ‘Law and the modern mind’, Jeremy Frank states that, legal certainty is a myth and there is no certainty of what would be the outcome of every wrong done, as it contains a lot of variables and constraints, left out for different interpretations. He contemplates and what Judges and Lawyers do and shall do.
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1 Mar 2017 Appendix A Tax uncertainty and investment: Theory and Evidence . The development of a robust principles-based tax law design.

The attempts to define legal certainty have been studied from a comparative of norms, non-retroactivity, protection of legitimate expectations, legal theory  a theory of precedents5 refers to the question for the legal method. In Germany, the jurisdiction of the grand chamber of the Supreme Court (BGH) relates to legal   Indonesian criminal justice system can be said to be closer to this goal theory. This is evidenced by the development of the theory of penal and correction- al  17 Jun 2018 Drawing on the principles of effectiveness and proportionality, it proposes a practical rather than a theoretical solution to the dialectic relationship  Workers from the Perspective of Justice Principles and Legal Certainty.

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In this way, the parameters of legal certainty will be increasingly clear and supported and we will pave the way for a genuinely common legal theory and practice 

Régis Lanneau sheds light on legal certainty from a theoretical perspective. It is explained that this notion is difficult to grasp due to the fact that a precise and  Legal Origin Theory and the role of the legal certainty to achieving the economic development.